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Festival Patrons

One of the main reasons for our success has been the magnificent support we have received from local individuals and small businesses over many years. We are fully committed to ensuring these long-term relationships continue whilst attracting new patrons at the same time.

Our patrons scheme is very flexible. We have 2 main offers, either a Creative Patron (from £250 per annum) or a Sustaining Patron (from £1,000).

CREATIVE PATRON – from £250 (no limit – your choice)

This is ideal for private individuals and independent business. Designed to help our Programme Team bring specific artists to Festival each year. If we can plan in the knowledge that we have a certain number of creative patrons, we can target artists to appeal to specific audiences, i.e. children, young adults etc.

SUSTAINING PATRON – from £1,000 (no limit)

Ideal for higher net-worth individual supporters or larger independent companies and designed to ensure Festival is sustainable on a long-term basis.

If we can plan in the knowledge that we have a certain number of sustaining patrons, we can make commitments knowing our costs are covered ensuring Festival can maintain an eclectic mix across the Arts in every area.

As a Patron YOU choose how much profile you would like Festival to provide for you. (If you wish to support confidentially, that is fine). An individual for may require different from a small independent business, but most importantly it is YOU that decides.

Further details can be obtained from the festival office.

For more information about becoming a Partner or a Patron could you please email



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